Cecelia Marshall

Cecelia Marshall is a freelance journalist, international relations aficionado, and tech enthusiast living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

She has worked as a reporter for newspapers such as The Phnom Penh Post and Khmer Times.

While living in Tucson Arizona, she wrote for the Arizona Daily Star, the Arizona Daily Wildcat and also created radio stories the NPR affiliate, Arizona Public Media.

She has been a copy editor for numerous publications and the social media strategist for several others.12347990_10154443612323677_7761317011390491026_n

Cecelia has been interested for many years in international communications, media and its implications across borders. After living in Senegal and working for two NGOs, she published her thesis on social media’s implications on developmental work.

Currently she is the Communications Strategist for the international NGO, Groundwork Group and also lends her communications skills to the NGO, Phnom Penh Players.

In her free time, Cecelia enjoys acting in the local theatre group, playing classical piano, and learning different languages.

Past Articles written about Cecelia Marshall

Written by -Iman Hamdan, June 2012.

Most young girls keep a journal or diary of their inner most thoughts, but Cece Marshall was more intrigued with writing about other people’s lives and telling their stories.

941667_10151929830368677_455425634_nNo matter where she went Marshall had her little notebook handy, acting as Harriet the Spy by gathering information from what she observed and who she interviewed.

This Portland, Ore. native came to the UA in pursuit of a degree in journalism. Through hard work and dedication to her studies Marshall was named the Most Exceptional Junior Journalism Student.


“I was completely taken aback when Prof. Sharkey called my name,” Marshall said. “When she first began reading about the student, I had no idea she was referring to me. People started looking at me, knowing something I didn’t and finally my friend sitting next to me, nudged me filling me in on the ‘joke’ everyone else was a part of.”

As a current journalism student Marshall has an impressive resume to date.

In her sophomore and junior year, she worked as an arts and feature reporter for the Arizona Daily Wildcat. Marshall’s most memorable assignment came from riding along with a taxi driver who transported UA students.

“Interviewing the driver about some of the things he had seen and relationships he had made as a father figure to these students the past seven years was fascinating,” Marshall said.

Her story about this taxi driver made the front page of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, which a complete surprise to Marshall.

In spring 2011, Marshall decided to study abroad in Senegal, Africa.

There she worked as a public relations administrator for a microfinancing and ecovillage fund.

“I was able to visit villages where people were using stipends to cultivate the land in a sustainable manner,” Marshall said. “Then they used social media to report these demonstrations to investors and people interested in the organization’s work.”

Marshall ended up creating a handbook for the upcoming interns to follow to keep the outreaching process going in Senegal.

This trip also “inspired” Marshall to take on a second major in International Studies with a focus on West African countries.

Marshall’s next internship took her back home as she worked with the Portland Fire and Rescue Department as a public information officer.

“Giving the information out to the radio, newspapers and television stations in the area was an amazing opportunity to see the push and pull with getting information accurately and efficiently out to the public,” Marshall said.

Currently, Marshall is interning on the metro desk at the Arizona Daily Star. Her story about the texting ban in Tucson made it on the front page of the publication in June.

With one year left to complete her degrees, Marshall has big plans. In the fall she will be interning with Arizona Public Media under Peter Michaels. Marshall will also be promoted to senior enterprise feature reporter for the Arizona Daily Wildcat, and will be leading the UA chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists as vice president.

Post-graduation, Marshall is still unsure what she will do, but has a couple of ideas in mind.

Alternate Text

“Part of me wants to return to Senegal to teach English for a year and learn more about their media,” she said. “Another part of me wants to do my dream cross country bike ride from the Pacific Coast to the East Coast so I can touch both oceans.”

Marshall’s advice to new journalism students: “Take every opportunity you can to get out there and report on something you find unique, interesting or care about. Also, find out your other interests and passions besides journalism it’s nice to have those specialties that set you apart from other journalism students and that also give you a different type of retreat to use your mind in a different way.”



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