CAMBUILD Exposition Opened Today

One of over 320 exhibitors last year (KT Photo: Cecelia Marshall).

By Cecelia Marshall for The Khmer Times

PHNOM PENH, September 10, (Khmer Times) – Today CAMBUILD, the biggest international building and construction show in Cambodia, opened to the public. 

Represented are over 300 companies from 23 countries including China, Malaysia, India and Singapore. The exposition is hosted by the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, and runs for the next two days.

Solar panel generated cars, mini buses and soda refrigerators parked outside as people weaved between them trying to shoot the best photo. A bit further along the exposition facade sat momentous construction equipment.

Development is in the air at the CAMBUILD International Building and Construction Industry Exposition. All the exhibitors have brought their eye-catchers to attract the attention of potential investors.

Cambodia is hosting CAMBUILD, which encompasses CAMENERGY, CIVAR, CAMPROPERTY, CAMWATER, and CAMSECURITY, for the fourth time.

Last year, there were over 320 exhibitors, which was an increase of 80 percent more than the previous year.

Cambodia is experiencing a constant level of economic growth, and Cambodia’s construction sector grew an astonishing 123% in 2013. Investors from the region are turning their attention towards more development here.

E.C.A. is a Turkish high-end plumbing company new to Cambodia. “We are a brand new market and although we are less familiar with it, we have good contacts set up here,” said Nesrin Elmas Yurtesen from E.C.A. “They have power and we have power so why not merge?”

E.C.A. has already been based in India, Singapore and Taiwan and with a high population of Europeans living in Cambodia, E.C.A.’s luxury products are already known with their clientele.


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