Le Cave’s Bakery

Le Cave’s Bakery is famous for their donuts. Ranging in flavor from mango-filled to glazed, they are also vegan. (Photo by Cecelia Marshall)

Written by Cecelia Marshall

SOUTH TUCSON, ARIZONA (El Independiente) – Peeling paint, faded signs and bullet holes give the bakery a look of vacancy and abandonment. But take a big whiff, and you are renewed with the hope that inside, there are fresh pastries being baked.

Since 1935, Le Cave’s has been bringing old-fashioned donuts to people all over, and not just Tucson. Visitors of the Old Pueblo are prodded by their hotel connoisseur to visit this iconic bakery that some say have nothing on Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts.

We took this statement to the test.

On first inspection of the classic glazed donut, you may wonder, what it is missing. The hole. It is believed that back when Le Cave’s was in the peak of it popularity, it sold its recipe, hole and all to another bakery. Since then, they are forbidden to bake donuts with holes or suffer the consequences of the law.

Biting down into the hole-less pastry releases a plush sense of sugary joy. Light inside, a dense belly of the cake on the bottom and a perfect amount of sweet glaze makes you want another, a chocolate or maple one-now.

With a friendly and helpful staff, Le Cave’s Bakery has kept customers coming from all across Tucson. This South Tucson bakery serves more than just their delicious and fresh famous donuts.

It’s a full service bakery serving some 400 to 500 specialty cakes each week. It also specializes in Tres Leches, flan, fruit-filled empanadas and other delectable pastries. Best of all, each day they bag up the unsold pastries to give to charity.

Though the exterior may seem like the place is about to close anytime, the beautiful cakes, variety of classical donuts and more treats inside are poised and perfectly presented.


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