Man Fecckat Youzza laa! (I am a Youzza Dancer!)

Last night, I came home from school to a living room filled with my Mom’s friends and sister.  They were gossiping as well as having a casual bible study.  Sitting on my mom’s lap telling her about my day, one friend asked what I had learned that day.  Instead of droning on about Senegalese culture and Wolof lessons which they already knew, I stood up and exclaimed, “Youzza!” 

These girls sure knew how to fecc and drum during an intense show one night at Toubaab Diallo

            Youzza is a new dance that has been sweeping Senegal for the past couple of months.  Ask any girl or boy to show the dance, they will immediately break out their moves and entice you with their hand gestures and hip and leg thrusts.  It is one of the most ingenious dance moves after those choreographed by “Chicago’s” Bob Fosse and after becoming more an more interested with the dance, I am now determined to learn the moves and show them off here to gain approval from friend’s little sister here in Senegal.    Though many of the adults here are just as amazed by this new dance as I am, I still felt like I should show off what I had been practicing to see if I met or exceeded the standards of the “Fecckat” (dancer) here.  I threw out my hands into the air coordinating them with my hip and leg movements and as a finale I turned around sharply with both hands displayed as if I was holding two platters in the air.  I guess I’m getting pretty good at this dance because I got a round of applause as well as many chuckles that also made me feel like I need more practice. 

Don't be deceived by her young, innocent looks-this girl can dance Youzza better than anyone I know!

            Don’t worry though, when I come back to the States, I will have mastered it effectively and will be able to demonstrate and teach those other “Fecckats” who want to learn.


One thought on “Man Fecckat Youzza laa! (I am a Youzza Dancer!)

  1. Karen Marshall

    I want to learn to Fecckat so I can dance for Dad!!!
    I love that you were sitting on your mom’s lap and that you entertained for them.

    I bet you are the most joyous “daughter” SoSo has had stay with her ever!!!!

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