Diaye Fonde!

Diaye Fondé- a Wolof term describing what some men in America love in a woman, what women will pay thousands of dollars for in plastic surgery, and what Jennifer Lopez has a plentiful amount of- a big butt.  Just the first week of school, we learned this term in our orientation program because, believe it or not, it is very important in this culture. 


My friend’s sister is a Lettkat-someone who braids people’s hair; a process that can take up to 3-4 hours!

            It measures beauty and also health and status-those with bigger diaye fondés are looked upon with great respect.  Each home stay family feels it is there responsibility to not only give the gift of Senegalese “Teranaga” (hospitality), but to make sure their student returns to the states with a jaye fondé. 

            There is even a concoction made and eaten every Sunday night by families and mostly women consisting of milk fat and yogurt, cooked together in a warm sweet stew with millet grains….mmm mmm good!  Already friends of mine have complained about this meal as the first 2 bites might give the impression of delicious however like all good things, it grows old after a while and can not subsist another bite.  Little do my friends know, this delicacy being served to them is actually used to increase their butt size-not only for meal purposes.  But they can find out on their own in due time, after all, I have no reason to complain-Soso isn’t feeding me any Diaye Fondé so I remain in good hands.


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