Suggestions/Questions from you!

My masterpiece of avocados stuffed with shrimp and chickpeas Yum! Yeah, I can cook

I have now been in Senegal for 3 weeks and things are becoming comfortable, homelike, and familiar.  Maybe even a little too familiar….That’s why I ask you now for some help!  I know all of you have questions that I might not be touching on with my posts so go ahead and ask them!

Use the comment feature here and pose any question you would like answered! (what do you eat for dinner?  how often are you speaking French? or even, do they have Starbucks there? By the way they don’t.)

I’ll still continue updating you on my experience but this will also help me see things and think about things through your eyes!

Thanks a bunch!


2 thoughts on “Suggestions/Questions from you!

  1. Carolyn Miller

    I have enjoyed “traveling” with you Cece and can’t wait for you to make us your avocado shrimp chickpea creation at Knit Night! Keep up the good work and great writing!
    Love Carolyn

  2. Alexa

    okay i have a question for you!
    Assuming you don’t decide to leave us forever and move to Senegal forever because you love it so much…can you please make those avocado things for me again?! 🙂 amazing! Glad you are having a fantastic trip!

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