Restless Leg Syndrome and a Mother’s comfort.

Unopened college brochures sat on my desk shelf gathering dust yet the October transfer application deadline seared a hole in the paper and kept me from getting a restful night sleep. The thought of transferring exhausted me and I hadn’t the slightest clue of what destination lay ahead of me.
That weekend I had not spent it going out to movies or social events but scouring the infinite web for my next move for the spring semester; hopefully finding a sign from God that would be easy to recognize- “Hey Cece! Here you go! Do this!”
Nothing. I lay defeated on my shag rug, “Charlie”, my roommates stepping over me as they readied themselves for bed or completed their homework for Monday classes. I couldn’t even lift my head to read my French textbook.
I knew I wanted to travel. I was getting the ultimate “Restless Leg Syndrome” comprising over my entire body and life which could not be quenched by a prescriptive drug. Staying in Arizona the next term wasn’t a good option and an even worse one would be returning home to live with my parents, taking community college classes to fulfill the dull day to day hours while I “figured my life out.” No. Still not seeing an obvious solution I took the bold step to texting my mom, even though I believed she was fast asleep and wouldn’t answer a message that late at night. My vulgar and dramatic message consisted of
“Hi Mom. I’m really scared because I don’t know what the *flapjack I am going to do next semester!!! Holy *crikey! What the *hay should I do?!?!? :-(”
and was sent into the atmosphere where thousands of other text messages floated above me traveling to their receiver.
You know how mothers can kiss your invisible wound and suddenly the pain dissipates (like when I slammed my finger in the car door yesterday), or even when you believe the freckle in your eye is cancerous and though the optometrist cant even convince you of your irrational fear, the soothing words of your cancer-free condition from your mother make the most sense? (Maybe those times are only me 🙂 )
Less than 30 seconds after the message left my phone, I received the most comforting words my mom had ever given me in a time of “crisis” which seemed to calm me and open door number 4; the door I hadn’t seen when I was stuck at the end of the hallway and yet it was wide open with possibilities.
“It will be okay sweetie. Maybe you should think about instead doing your semester abroad early instead of you junior year like planned? Just know that Dad and I love and support anything you decide. Goodnight sweetie! I love you.”
And with that, I was at ease. I knew this was my answer and with hard work and quick decision making the following week, I could make it happen. I slipped off into a peaceful rest that night knowing my mom was correct, everything was going to by okay.
Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for all of your support and love. I love you so much!

My mom hates taking pictures yet she doesn’t realize that she is beautiful in them. I have to get my good looks from someone 🙂 (Sorry Dad.)

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