The Pause Button and a Turn-around Decision

It took 90 minutes, two car trips, and a 4×5’ area of storage space to pack up my life in Arizona.  Put on pause until August, I took one last look trying to forever remember the image of boxes tucked neatly together like Tetris pieces; fit so precisely my father would beam with pride.  I sighed with a mixture of relief and sorrow at the giant lock that suspended from the door hinge- sealing up all the material possessions that had once had meaning for me at my room in Arizona.  A giant pause button securing the things for me when I returned.  Yet, how to secure my friends, professors, and advisors from completely forgetting me during the spring semester and a promise of remembrance for when I got back in the fall?  I guess only time will tell.


For the next 24 hours I was suspended in limbo with two lonely suitcases left abandoned in the back hallway, miscellaneous items I tried to pawn off to friends in the house, a wrap-around couch in the alcove as my bed, and muddled good byes mixed with tears and laughter.  How hard would it have been for me to say goodbye with the decision of transferring rather than just a semester away?  Though this thought comforted me during my long lasting farewell hugs, the smiles returned by dear friends still made it that much harder.


ff6600;”>Senegal.  How random.  How had a girl so determined to transfer after her fall semester at UA, not only decided to stay at the UA, but had made the decision instead to travel thousands and thousands of miles away to study in a country most people raised an eyebrow at the sound of its name?  I’ll tell you how…it all begins with a dramatic freak out moment on Sunday night at 11:38pm.


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